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26.2 Step
Mini Marathon 

Why does this matter?

The story of how we got here.

I had a friend tell me they could not run a marathon, a 10k or even jog around the block for their loved one but THIS event they could do in their honor.

Our objectives are to have fun, celebrate those we love and support those in the fight by:

  • Awareness – While only 10% of individuals who have cancer, have a hereditary risk, 90% of those at risk have yet to be identified.

  • Empowerment – The goal is to give people the right information so they are empowered to make a positive, hopefully proactive, change.

  • Action – Action is where the magic happens. When people know their health, know their options and make the right choices for them.



Bright Pink seeks out projects that prioritize young women, especially those at high or increased risk and those with additional barriers to care.

heredity cancer foundation

Kamie K. Preston Hereditary Cancer Foundation is committed to saving the lives of individuals with cancer-causing hereditary genetic mutations. Working to educate and support families with hereditary cancer and the medical professionals that combat it. 


Nebraska Medicine's Oncology Patient & Family Experience Fund, providing assistance to patients who need help (such as paying for gas cards) you know, the things insurance doesn't cover.

mission statement

To raise awareness of high-risk cancers and eliminate barriers to genetic testing through support and education. 

Provide a network for those who have battled cancer or those who encourage them.


Registration is really easy and only takes a few seconds.  

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"“I’m very appreciative of how the event brings everyone in this community together.  From the healthy at risk person to the patients currently in the midst of their cancer journey and their families.   Everyone leaves with a sense of accomplishment because they did a marathon! It’s very gratifying to be able to contribute and be a part of this community.  

Kerry Rodabaugh, MD"

Our Wonderful Sponsors

"We're honored to support Denise's mission and vision for education and awareness!"

Ryan Phelan, CEO


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